A How-Two Guide for Life

I am a big fan of how-to guides. I think it’s absolutely amazing to be able to do a quick google or YouTube search for instructions on things you never had an idea of how to do. With the help of such guides, I was able to install curtain rods and shelves in my apartment all on my own. Granted one of the shelves fell off the wall from the sheer weight of all the goods I put on it, but that’s more an issue of over self-confidence in heretofore unknown skillz than it is poor instruction or poor execution.

Learning is at its most basic level posed in this way. I think of how my very first nephew, an adult now, would mimic me whistling or snapping his fingers and, producing the desired result, gave him so much pleasure he was happy to repeat these feats for you on command. I know all children are that way, and perhaps that is the way we can ever hope to retain any part of our youth. To be young is to be curious because those newer to the world assume nothing of their own knowledge, and are not ashamed for any lack of it.

These are the things which comprise a “bucket list” for many people – they are individual goals of adventurous types or a skill or an accomplishment. Most of the list might well be exotic places to go on vacation, but to each his own! Thank goodness a person has anything to look forward to, because life could seem so meaningless without it. In point of fact, I think in all our grand scheming we forget to fill our lives with items on our mini “bucket list” which will make life so much easier and our dreams so much more attainable. Without mini goals, our dreams may seem too lofty for reality and I as much as any other have found myself in that mind trap.

So here’s a little how-to for all the people who have found a moment of pointlessness in their lives: be curious your entire life through.



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